Linking Each Other Across Time and Space

1.Q: Is the product compatible with all of the following?
A:OS has been tested and confirmed to be compatible with: Windows 7/8/10/11, Ubuntu, Mac OS, Android 9.0 or above.
Application Softwares:
Live Streaming: OBS, Facebook LIVE, Youtube, Linkedin, Twitch, Vimeo*Livestream.
Meetings: Microsoft Teams.
Communication: facetime.

2.Q: The autofocus is not working
A: The camera's lens is a fixed focus lens and does not autofocus. What the camera can achieve with AI technology is AI Smart Follow, which keeps you in the centre of the picture, or digital zoom with gesture control.

3.Q: The gesture is not recognised?
A:Please ensure that the environment is well lit, that you are facing the camera, and that the gesture hand does not overlap your body in the image.

4.Q: Which laptops or computers are supported?
A: Chromebooks, Windows Laoptops or computers, Microsoft Surface Laptop, Apple Mac or MacBook, no matter Intel or M1/M2 series

5.Q: Do you support tablets or ipads?
A: No.

6.Q: Can you save the video on a computer while recording? Does the webcam support video recording and what kind of software is recommended for recording?
A: The camera does not come with a storage function, so it is not possible to save video to the camera.
However, if you need to record a video, you will need the webcam to work with the computer software, such as the Windows Camera application or other software with recording capabilities like OBS, and the recorded video will be saved on your computer.

7.Q: Why does gesture recognition occasionally fail at night?
A: The gesture recognition function does not work properly in low light conditions, please keep the environment well lit.

8.Q: Suppose there are 3 people in the picture, will the AI always track A's face? A makes the Start Tracking gesture. And when A make the Stop Tracking gesture, can the target be switched to B?
A: Whoever gestures to the camera is the person being tracked and no one else will be tracked because their face is in the way.
When target user is in the picture, only target user can stop tracking with the "Stop" gesture. When target user is lost, anyone else can stop tracking with the "Stop" gesture and when the "OK" gesture is used again, the user who made the gesture will be tracked.

9.Q: Is it advisable to add an external microphone for use in larger rooms?
A: All cameras have built-in microphones, the AC600 has a pickup distance of 2.4m; the AC610 has a pickup distance of 3m and the AC400 has a pickup distance of 2.4m; please decide based on the distance between the recorder and the device, if you require higher sound quality, we recommend adding an external microphone to ensure recording results.

10.Q: I need an extension cable, will this affect the image quality? Or what kind of extension cable is recommended?
A: It is recommended that you use a cable of up to 3 metres, more than 3 metres may affect the image quality.

11.Q: Dose the camera's USB-C port support USB 3.0 protocol?
A: No, the camera's USB-C port support USB 2.0 protocol only.

12.Q: Why is the camera not working? Or why is the camera light not on?
A: The AC400 or AC610 does not light up when you plug it into the computer, the camera is not working at this time, you need to open the corresponding camera software, that is, the white light will be displayed, the camera is working at this time.

13.Q: I'm using the webcam in a zoom video conference, but the image is not good?
A Please check whether you are using the zoom on the computer client or the zoom on the web; if you are using the zoom on the web, the image size on the web will be limited to a maximum of 720P, so you will not be able to use the full performance of the camera; if you are using the zoom on the computer client, please check the "Original size" and "HD quality" in the video settings to ensure that the software is calling the maximum image size of the camera.

14.Q: There is no camera image in the zoom video conference
A Please ensure that the camera is properly connected to the computer, open zoom and turn on the video conference, select the AC400 camera as the video input in the camera icon second from the left and turn on the video, the image will show up.

15.Q: The camera's microphone is not working in zoom's video conference
A Please make sure the camera is properly connected to the computer, open zoom and turn on video conference, in the first microphone icon on the bottom left, select the AC400 camera as the audio input and turn on audio, the sound will appear.

16.Q: Dose it support Windows Hello authentication?
A: No

17.Q: Does it support linux system?
A: No

18.Q: Can I use XBOX, PS5 and other consoles?
A: No, these consoles are not supported.


Linking Each Other Across Time and Space.


Since its establishment, we have been adhering to the brand mission of "Linking Each Other Across Time and Space". Deeply engaged in the field of streaming camera, we continue to develop and explore based on user needs and experience, and are committed to becoming the preferred productivity tool for more creators, making your live stream more popular.